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Ed Feathers' Caboose Pictures


B&O caboose # C2042

Wilmington & Western's ex. B&O caboose # C2042, came out of the shop July 1st for the NRHS convention train out of Baltimore Maryland.
The wood sided caboose had it's outside sanded, some wood replaced, during the restoration that started in late winter.
The caboose had it's finishing touches done and was lettered just days before the convention trip.
ARCHES member Len Beck along with other W&W volunteers helped on this project.


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This photo is the caboose being used for a back up move after a runby. All cabeeses on the W&W have head lights and horns.





PRR #478064

This is from last years caboose hop using my N-8 directly behind the steam engine.
Those decks are great place to ride and get the cinders in your hair.
This trip will be repeated this fall, and we will be looking for passengers soon! (just not finalized on date) ARCHES members gathered from as far away as western PA, VA, MD. Along with several members from the Philadelphia, PA area.



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Pictures by Ed Feathers