This is an area for MEMBERS to exchange information with other members. Since this is an open site anyone can read the bulletin board but only members can submit items for posting.

Although this is a MEMBERS area, we will occasionally include a listing from a non-member if we feel it would benefit our members, for example if someone wants to give away a caboose!

This is a something new for me so the ground rules may change as I see the need.

To submit an item for the bulletin board:
E-mail to me ( exactly how you would like the text to read including whatever contact information you wish to include. To help me verify your membership status, please include your membership number which is printed above your name on our mailing labels.

Question: I would like to keep my E-mail private. Can I have any replies sent to you for forwarding to me?

Answer: No. Here are a couple of suggestions. 1) Get a "throw-away" account on Yahoo, Hotmail, Juno, etc. and use that for your contact point.   2) If your E-mail is in the member's roster say: "Use my E-mail in Roster."

Q: How long will my item stay on the bulletin board?

A: Probably until I need the room for another item. One time events like caboose excursions will probably be removed after the date of the event.

Q: Exactly what kinds of items can be posted on the bulletin board?

A: Just about anything that is caboose related:
          Parts for sale or wanted.
          Help wanted with a restoration problem.
          Announce a caboose video or book.
          Announce a caboose excursion.
If you're not sure send it to me and I'll let you know.